At OSTI, we are building a reputation for quality and high standards in safety education and training. There is no wonder why students and employers rely on us to achieve their safety goals. We offer safety professional certifications and continuing safety education for employees and employers. All of our courses are led by instructors with extensive industrial experience.

We serve Safety Professionals who want to make a difference in the real world by providing real world training! If you’re looking to change your career or even advance your career in safety, OSTI could be the perfect choice. We offer courses that are designed to meet the objective of filling the demand for qualified safety professionals. Many courses allow students to participate in valuable real-life experience conducting safety inspections with local businesses.

Additionally, we provide on going safety training for employers. This is a cost effective way to maintain your safety training goals at an affordable cost. We offer ongoing safety training for employers who need to maintain continuous safety training with limited expense.