July 18, 2024


One of every five workplace fatalities is a construction worker.

Embark on a journey towards heightened construction site safety with our engaging online course, “Construction Safety.”  Crafted for accessibility to workers and supervisors alike, this comprehensive program delves into crucial topics such as averting electrical incidents, falls, struck-by accidents, and trenching/excavation hazards.  Through interactive modules, real-life case studies, and practical exercises, participants gain the knowledge and expertise essential for preventing fatalities and injuries.

This free online course initiates with fostering a safety-centric culture, empowering teams to swiftly identify and report hazards, thereby nurturing an environment of open communication vital for workplace safety.  From mastering essential electrical safety measures and fall prevention techniques to implementing rigorous strategies for mitigating struck-by accidents and navigating trenching/excavation challenges, participants emerge as safety advocates equipped to lead the charge for a safer construction industry.  Enroll in this “Construction Safety” course today and join us in shaping a safer tomorrow for construction sites.