OSTI Training

Since 2006, the Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI) has been providing students with quality safety training that has been effective in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses.  At OSTI we have built a reputation for quality and high standards in safety education and training. There is no wonder why motivated individuals rely on us to achieve their goals. We offer professional certifications and safety education. We currently offer a unique opportunity for veterans.  An opportunity for self-reliance and independence.

We serve those who want to make a difference in the real world by providing training and the experience that is conducive in the workplace! If you’re looking to advance your career or even change your career or even desire to become self-employed, OSTI could be the your choice to success! We offer programs that are designed with the objective of filling the demand for qualified professionals. Our curriculum’s allow students to participate in valuable real-life experience within their career of choice.

OSTI has recognized the need to expand its curriculum into occupational educational programs.  Our new program are considered to be hybrids. That means there is a combination of online and hands-on applications during the course of study.  Courses are designed to be completed in 12 months.  The objective of our training programs is to inspire our students to become self-sufficient in their career goals.  With over 1500 hours of experience under their belt, our students will be ready to reach out on their own their own boss.

Our initial program offerings include: carpentry, cooking & catering, furniture and cabinet making, home remodeling and repair, plumbing, residential electrician, and safety management.  We plan on adding additional programs for a variety of skilled crafts and vocations that will assists students in becoming independent. All of our programs are led by professionals with extensive experience.