June 18, 2024

OS1050 Occupational Safety and Health Fundamentals

Tuition and Payment Options

OSTI offers customized payment plans for our online training programs to help you take the steps advancing your skills in workplace safety.

Tuition Cost

The total cost of tuition for the Safety and Health Fundamentals program covers the cost of your studies and any digital textbooks or study materials. Choose from of of our payment options below to get started. The difference between the payment options is the dollar amount. The monthly payment will cost a little more versus paying the full amount.

Tuition $695

Option 1: One Time Pay in Full

Cost of Course $395

Best price. Best Value

Save $300

Option 2: Pay As You Go Plan

Cost of Course $524

Most Flexible

Save $136

Option 3: Monthly Auto Pay Plan

Cost of Course $660

Pay $55 per month for 12 months

Save $35