July 18, 2024


Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck DVD Training Program

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Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are rugged, powerful tools that help workers perform materials handling tasks quickly and efficiently. But the same qualities that make industrial trucks so helpful can also make them dangerous… and they are involved in more than 100 fatalities and 35,000 serious injuries each year.

"Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety" DVD training products are designed to give your employees the information they need to work safely with forklifts, while helping you to comply with OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • OSHA training requirements.
  • Types of powered industrial trucks.
  • Inspection and maintenance.
  • Safe operating procedures.
  • Lifting a load with a forklift.
  • A forklift's stability and handling

DVD programs include an easy-to-use leader's guide, as well as a training certificate, scheduling and attendance forms, and an employee quiz. These materials are available in PDF format and are stored in a folder on the DVD.

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